Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Interview - The Scam

The Interview – The Scam


Makes perfect sense. It’s a scam - a marketing ploy! An’ it’s workin’ too! It never occurred to me before somebody alluded to it but once I thought about it – of course, it made sense. I’ve pulled a few o’ them off myself when I was in the real estate business. So did Russ Knight, an’ so did Greg Michie. When they work, they work perfectly. But if ya don’t plan an’ execute them properly, they fall flat on their face(s).

The best one I ever heard of was ol’ W. O. Mitchell writin’ an open letter in the newspaper to the then premier of Alberta about bannin’ a particular book in the Alberta schools as bein’ trash. The name o’ the book escapes me now but it don’t much matter. The point is that the Education minister had ordered the book removed from schools which annoyed the hell outa W. O. insomuch as it stifled the right o’ free speech an’ creativity. Well, he wasn’t havin’ none o’ that crap! He went right to the premier with a long open letter in the newspaper complainin’ about a book written by some foreigner (American I think) who had no business gettin’ that kinda publicity. HE was after all a bona fide Albertan who paid his taxes AN’ he was a writer of many stories an’ books which were full o’ obscene language an’ mostly trash. How could the government in all good conscience pick some foreigner’s book to ban when he, a native Albertan met all the qualifications? Did they have no loyalty for their own tax payin’ people?

Of course ol’ W. O. was a master wordsmith, flingin’ out verbal barbs with the deadly precision of a sniper. He knew nobody would ban any o’ HIS work an’ that’s for sure! But it did give him the perfect opportunity to promote hisself an’ his work an’ certainly enhanced his popularity an’ his book sales.

Well now we got Kim Jung Un callin’ Obama a monkey an’ I can’t wait to hear what can come o’ that. I dunno, it might be a huge big insult in North Korea, but I don’t see Obama doin’ anythin’ but chuckle at the inference. Such a remark might hold some sway with the thirty million people Kim Jung Un’s got under his thumb, but here in the west, the whole thing seems a bit ridiculous no matter who’s pullin’ what strings.

I still say it’s a marketing ploy orchestrated by Sony, but just the same, I have trouble envisionin’ the leader of thirty million people actin’ in such a childish way. But wait. We just happen to have such a “I’m gonna tell on you” spoiled brat leader right here in Canada an’ we are about thirty million strong. An’ that’s how we are bein’ lead into the future. At least that’s how it seems to me from up here on the top shelf.

Just sayin’.


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