Saturday, March 14, 2015

Canadian Public Safety

Canadian Public Safety


There’s a new poll goin’ around askin’ do we feel safe here in Canada what with all that terrorism an’ terrorism threats goin on. Most folks say naw we ain’t worried, but some say they are an’ so they should be. Me, I’m worried about goin’ to the bathroom in case I fall in the tub an’ break some body parts, But that’s got nothin’ to do with terrorism unless you consider the missus yellin’ at me to be careful as bein’ a terrorist threat.

I’ll tell ya though, the conversation, ‘specially around the newsrooms is gettin’ stupider an’ stupider. Ain’t anybody ever thought about cause an’ effect? That Ottawa shooter explained it pretty well in the video he made before he done his attack. Did anybody listen? No, of course not. They just glossed over it like a steam iron over my Sunday-best shirt.

Jeez Louise, we’re at war don’t ya know? We’re over there in the Meddle East bombin’ the begeebers outta their military capabilities. That’s gotta cause some human casualties. Somebody’s sons an’ daughters are gettin’ killed. Just because they’re “The Enemy” don’t mean that there ain’t human people operatin’ their guns an’ stuff. An’ don’t tell me that some of our fire don’t spill over into civilian casualties neither.

So I don’t get why we’re so offended an’ shocked when they, by whatever means, come over here an do some reciprocal damage. An eye for an eye as it were, more or less. Far as I can see, they’re comin’ over here to get us cause we’re goin’ over there gettin’ them, an’ we been goin’ over there gettin’ them since the crusades. So whatta ya expect anyways?

Well, they do know where Ottawa is. They proved that. What they seem to be confused about is where them war-mongering MPs hang out. So they do to us what we do to them. They attack all the people who don’t even count or give a rip about the state of affairs in the relative governments. But maybe we can move to correct that. Maybe instead o’ usin’ ordinary people as pawns in their games o’ war, they might man up an hand out their own home addresses an’ leave us alone.

Do we feel safe in the face of this new terrorism? Maybe a more relevant question oughta be: Do we feel safe with the actions of our governments? At least that’s how it seems to me from up here on the top shelf.

Just sayin’.


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